Manila Science High School
November 25, 2011
Kuya and I visited the Manila Science High School campus on November 24, 2011. We were planning to just drive by and take pictures of the facade.

But when we parked our car in front, Mang Danny, the school's custodian since we were studying there in the 70s, saw and, to our amazement, recognized Kuya. So he welcomed us inside and took Kuya for a campus tour while I roamed around taking these pictures.

Kuya can hardly believe Mang Danny recognized him after more than 30 years and having grown and looked much older from his teens when Mang Danny last saw him. Kuya was visibly moved he can't stop talking about it the afternoon we were together.

I guess being something to someone after so many years have passed at least validates one's existence. And, really, what more can we ask for in life? To be remembered is one thing but to be remembered fondly I'd say would be something we won't be able to stop talking about not just for a whole afternoon but possibly for the rest of our lives.

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Ground floor hallway at Bordner.
Old principal's office and clinic at Bordner Building.
Second floor hallway -- Bordner Building.
Third floor hallway -- Bordner Building.
Third floor window. We used to hold Mrs. Antenor's Earth Science and later Physics classes here. Who hasn't looked out this window just outside the room?
Quadrangle. There was a contest that just completed at the time I took this picture, judging from the teacher-on-stage's announcements of first prize, second prize, and so on, winners.
Lobby -- new building.
First floor hallway -- new building.
Grounds along Taft Avenue in front of new building.
New building stairwell and second floor hallway.
Second floor hallway. We used to hold Miss de Guzman's calculus class in the room on the left.
Bordner Building again.
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