Saint Thomas Church
New York City
Saint Thomas Church is a parish church of the Episcopal Diocese of New York. The building in French High Gothic style was completed in 1914. (

The Episcopal Church was formed in the U.S. after the American Revolution (177583) forced it to separate from the Church of England. (The Church of England, in turn, separated from the Roman Catholic Church in 1534 in part for theological reasons and in part from personal motivations by the royalties involved.) Since its teachings are based on Catholicism combined with principles of the Protestant Reformation, the Episcopal Church may be described as “Reformed Catholic.” (

The Saint Thomas Choir of Men and Boys is considered by many to be an outstanding choral ensemble. (source: New York Architecture website) The men are professional singers while the boys are enrolled at the Saint Thomas Choir School, the only church-affiliated choir school in the U.S. (

“Music is at the heart of our mission, one of the primary ways in which we worship, love and serve our Lord Jesus Christ.“ - Saint Thomas Church website.

The choir’s music may be sampled at Amazon.

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Saint Thomas Church altar and reredos.
Rose window, gallery, and organ of Saint Thomas Church.
Side chapel.
Part of the narthex.New York City has many old churches. Walking inside one -- when the traffic, crowds, and exhaust fumes are replaced by the quiet, the darkness, and the musty smell of old wood -- is like stepping into an altogether different realm.
Saint Thomas Church on 5th Avenue and 53rd Street in New York City. Dwarfed by the skyscrapers surrounding it, Saint Thomas Church looks grander and more spacious when viewed from inside than from outside.
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